I am really pleased with my offering, it was received well but with a lot of bemusement.  The tree ended up staying in plastic wrap for half the evening and was stronger for it I think.

I had to make a hole in the poly to retrieve the lighting cables and the sight of just a few baubles hanging through it was delicious somehow.  Took advice from Rory to leave it so.

The installation consisted of the Christmas tree as a unit of time, an oil painting representing long time scales/artisan, and some collages of automatic prints to represent the instant/mechanical.

I hope I gave folk a jolt by being so unseasonal at least.

Danielle sold work this week.  It was only a matter of time.

I really enjoyed Charlotte’s piece in the loo.  Most novel use of pipe cleaners that I have ever seen.

Sam and Jacob abstained from contributing and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I get there reasoning I think but a show is a show and it requires all hands.  A few people showed large pieces and were nowhere when it came to shifting everything.

Gary provided a powerful sound backdrop.

I get why folk make so much video art now.  A screen in a room guarantees interest and an audience.  Such is our conditioning.

Michaela’s placards were a helpful device I thought.  A way of engaging a crowd.  Someone did something similar last April at St George’s hall tunnels but they were static there.  Not the same.

It was a lot of faffing for two hours, but then so is light night so I guess it is representative.  We should be doing this more often under our own steam if necessary.


Playing at Pete’s

Spinning strobe vids on dropbox

These videos were all recorded at Pete’s.  I am essentially playing with his artworks.  We used carbon rods to create a spinning frame with mechano and attached his small canvasses to it.  There was just space to fix a torch inside and these videos show me spinning the various constructions with a strobe light setting.

I am focussed on timeframes and units of time at present and the strobe light gives an ilustration of how I view time as a series of static moments between which we extrapolate a sense of happening and action from comparing the sum and difference of two consecutive moments.

The spinning too is playing with time in the other direction, the image blurs into what presents as continuous time: not a moment at all.  This is in opposition to the strobe but weaker than it.

The strange ethereal light on the ceiling was the reflection from acetate film.