I am really pleased with my offering, it was received well but with a lot of bemusement.  The tree ended up staying in plastic wrap for half the evening and was stronger for it I think.

I had to make a hole in the poly to retrieve the lighting cables and the sight of just a few baubles hanging through it was delicious somehow.  Took advice from Rory to leave it so.

The installation consisted of the Christmas tree as a unit of time, an oil painting representing long time scales/artisan, and some collages of automatic prints to represent the instant/mechanical.

I hope I gave folk a jolt by being so unseasonal at least.

Danielle sold work this week.  It was only a matter of time.

I really enjoyed Charlotte’s piece in the loo.  Most novel use of pipe cleaners that I have ever seen.

Sam and Jacob abstained from contributing and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I get there reasoning I think but a show is a show and it requires all hands.  A few people showed large pieces and were nowhere when it came to shifting everything.

Gary provided a powerful sound backdrop.

I get why folk make so much video art now.  A screen in a room guarantees interest and an audience.  Such is our conditioning.

Michaela’s placards were a helpful device I thought.  A way of engaging a crowd.  Someone did something similar last April at St George’s hall tunnels but they were static there.  Not the same.

It was a lot of faffing for two hours, but then so is light night so I guess it is representative.  We should be doing this more often under our own steam if necessary.


Lucy Bretherton

Lucy is art director at The Royal Standard.  Worked as intern on Tate Liverpool’s Yves Klein exhibition.  Was a BA student at LJMU some years ago.  Gave good advice about funding, and getting paid for your work.  This course needs to cover more instruction of professional tasks, such as applying for funding, writing proposals, what to expect from agents, ecommerce, self employment, teaching, etc.  It would be nice to graduate with some savvy.

2015.  This was my pick of Lucy’s CV.  The copy is lifted from Art in Liverpool website.

The 6GINS project space is within the new studio studios at The Royal Standard. Throughout the six month project there will be a minimum of six opening nights (GIN1, GIN2 etc) along with the odd side event hosted by 6GINS. There are no set opening times, we are functioning on a ‘by appointment’ basis. We are there most the time.

Brethers and Worley are recent Fine Art graduates who have been awarded the space through The Royal Standard’s Residency Prize, suggested by head of LJMU Fine Art, Rory Macbeth. Although we had not collaborated together in the usual sense throughout university, due to our shared interest of contrasting practices and desire to exhibit work, we founded 6GINS together.

Over the course of the next six months collaborators from a wealth of different practices, as well as non-artists will be invited to join the project. When entering the space they will then have full licence to add, subtract or alter anything they deem fit. This will allow for a constantly evolving dynamic of the room.

I really like this idea, I had a similar concept with painting, passing canvases around like playing consequences.  I think it would lighten the delivery of an image, no one could get too precious about its rendering because the next owner might very well undo your work anyway.  Plus folk keep to preferred colour palettes (I do blue green and flesh, Danielle likes orange and green) so mixing it up would be very interesting.  Could be something to try at the bombed out church for Art Jam, It starts up again in a couple of weeks.

I think I was unconscious for part of this lecture.  Very embarrassing.  Took extra amphetamine this morning too, can’t keep doing that.  Timing is on my mind still and things like this really bring home to me how difficult it is going to be for me to get on in professional circles.  Someone suggested to me the other day that I am being discriminated against with 10am starts.  I said it wasn’t the fact that it was too early, literally any fixed time is problematic.  Folk don’t ever grasp what it is not to have a sleep pattern.  Everyone is very understanding until it impacts on them directly.  Christmas tree  has gotten some encouraging remarks recently.