I must confess that this blog only existed in various notebooks, scraps of paper and iPad files until this week.  I wish I had started to use WordPress sooner, it works, and working promotes usage.  Things might have been a lot easier if CAGD wasn’t so unusable.

I hate writing blogs, it doesn’t come naturally to me and time bound tasks are always problematic.  That said revisiting all my notes from this year was a very useful exercise and has clarified some things for me.

Im not inclined to share what those things are but I feel that I am in a better position going forward into the next academic year than I anticipated I would be just a month ago.

Providing I don’t starve or get evicted before then.  I have now got five and a bit months to survive with no income.  I have got to get a job but I don’t have much confidence.  Narcoleptic?  What’s that?  Bye!

I have to develop greater discipline and blogging is that I suppose.

Art Jam @ bombed out church up for the summer

Bomdy is up and running.  Did two weeks so far and took lead in producing art on site during the meet.  I have thus far only taken pastels to work with as they are quick and cover a lot of ground easily.

Weather hasn’t been great but the open mic attracts a lot of folk.  Danielle and Rhian have both been down and created stuff.  It gives the poetry crowd another narrative to enjoy.

Had offers to buy work but am keeping the outcomes for a series.  Stupidly offered to help keep the grounds, like I have time!

Cross-year crit

I decided to challenge myself to create something from scratch in a short time frame.  I think it is good practice and I’m interested in what qualities are characteristic of short/fast working methods.  Took a walk around pound land and exited with three hanging basket liners.  I am the blue peter generation.  Two of them very quickly evolved into what looked like the egg sack of a spider, covered in white fleece.  So then came the spider.  I cobbled it together very quickly but was careful about getting the legs right.  Legs are the scary parts and I wanted to use my spider to set up a debate.  On one hand folk hate spiders (unfairly) but on the other folk applaud good parenting.  I thought it would work well but it was a tad too subtle to work.  Turns out no one but me and Neil knew what an egg sack was.  Pitching work is the hardest part I think.  I don’t want to be elitist or niche, but I also don’t want to dumb down.

Working fast invites poor quality but captures an idea dynamically and some of this dynamism carries through to the aesthetic.  Like confident lines when drawing.


Pete is churning out a lot of work.  Currently he has a thing for laminating acrylic paint and inks, to stunning effect too.  Because the roller extrudes the paint in one direction they emerge from the roller mimicking eastern women in headdresses and veils.  I think they would loan themselves brilliantly to a feminist focussed installation.  Will discuss with him if we wants to use them at Bridewell.  I had a go at the process but none of my efforts seemed organic much less human.  A lot of what Pete does gets belittled or written of as automatic, but evidently he is exercising more skill and influence than one might first recognise.

Lvl6 Show @ Gostins

Some good stuff here, worth braving the weather.  I engaged with John’s offering more than any other.  Not sure why.  I really like Poor Art and his use of cardboard was very human.  I think I’ve always assumed that my life will reduce to a cardboard home and that’s what John did here.  Great animation too.  All sort of low quality and vulnerable/romantic because of it.  Strong.

Liz Smith showed a large black encaustic work.  Love how she hung it in the dark too.  All the light was from one side which brought the blackness into focus wonderfully, like a landscape lit by a low sun.  Nice.   Appeals to the goth in me.

A shelf with painted tin cans also entertained me a while.  Graphics were whimsical with strong aesthetic.