I am really pleased with my offering, it was received well but with a lot of bemusement.  The tree ended up staying in plastic wrap for half the evening and was stronger for it I think.

I had to make a hole in the poly to retrieve the lighting cables and the sight of just a few baubles hanging through it was delicious somehow.  Took advice from Rory to leave it so.

The installation consisted of the Christmas tree as a unit of time, an oil painting representing long time scales/artisan, and some collages of automatic prints to represent the instant/mechanical.

I hope I gave folk a jolt by being so unseasonal at least.

Danielle sold work this week.  It was only a matter of time.

I really enjoyed Charlotte’s piece in the loo.  Most novel use of pipe cleaners that I have ever seen.

Sam and Jacob abstained from contributing and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I get there reasoning I think but a show is a show and it requires all hands.  A few people showed large pieces and were nowhere when it came to shifting everything.

Gary provided a powerful sound backdrop.

I get why folk make so much video art now.  A screen in a room guarantees interest and an audience.  Such is our conditioning.

Michaela’s placards were a helpful device I thought.  A way of engaging a crowd.  Someone did something similar last April at St George’s hall tunnels but they were static there.  Not the same.

It was a lot of faffing for two hours, but then so is light night so I guess it is representative.  We should be doing this more often under our own steam if necessary.


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