I must confess that this blog only existed in various notebooks, scraps of paper and iPad files until this week.  I wish I had started to use WordPress sooner, it works, and working promotes usage.  Things might have been a lot easier if CAGD wasn’t so unusable.

I hate writing blogs, it doesn’t come naturally to me and time bound tasks are always problematic.  That said revisiting all my notes from this year was a very useful exercise and has clarified some things for me.

Im not inclined to share what those things are but I feel that I am in a better position going forward into the next academic year than I anticipated I would be just a month ago.

Providing I don’t starve or get evicted before then.  I have now got five and a bit months to survive with no income.  I have got to get a job but I don’t have much confidence.  Narcoleptic?  What’s that?  Bye!

I have to develop greater discipline and blogging is that I suppose.

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