Cross-year crit

I decided to challenge myself to create something from scratch in a short time frame.  I think it is good practice and I’m interested in what qualities are characteristic of short/fast working methods.  Took a walk around pound land and exited with three hanging basket liners.  I am the blue peter generation.  Two of them very quickly evolved into what looked like the egg sack of a spider, covered in white fleece.  So then came the spider.  I cobbled it together very quickly but was careful about getting the legs right.  Legs are the scary parts and I wanted to use my spider to set up a debate.  On one hand folk hate spiders (unfairly) but on the other folk applaud good parenting.  I thought it would work well but it was a tad too subtle to work.  Turns out no one but me and Neil knew what an egg sack was.  Pitching work is the hardest part I think.  I don’t want to be elitist or niche, but I also don’t want to dumb down.

Working fast invites poor quality but captures an idea dynamically and some of this dynamism carries through to the aesthetic.  Like confident lines when drawing.

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