Nina Edge


Nina is very engaging and produces visually arresting work, I am enamoured by her work with metal and in particular keys.  I worked with aluminium last year and understand the qualities of metal that attract her to it.  Permanency for one, but also commodity through its instrinsic value, scrap price.  Nina takes the idea of currency further and literally made work from bank notes.  She is based in craft and grass roots.  Community focussed but also concerned with global communities.   Very visual which is welcome.  Love that she works on Notting Hill carnival, now there’s a job I could embrace.  She knows Levi.

My notes:

Batiks. Craft artisan process. “The role of an artist is to see.”
Limpieza de sangre. Purity of blood. Passing of Native American gold to the Spanish.
Worked with Levi Taffari.
Installation of every banknote on glass rods.
Works on Notting Hill carnival.
Takes one third of funding for self.
Worked with many Liverpool artists and organisations.

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