Lauren Velvick 24th Jan 2018

Lauren Velvick is a writer, artist and curator based in Manchester.
Co-Director of the Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books,
Programme Co-ordinator at Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool.

She is a regular contributor to national and local arts publications including Art Monthly, The Skinny, The Double Negative and This Is Tomorrow

Contributing Editor of Corridor8.

Lauren graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010 with a degree in History of Art, curating Sunk Costs, 2011, and Hoist by Our Own Petard, 2012 at Islington Mill, Salford in the following years. During 2013 Lauren took part in the activities of the Lionel Dobie Project, Manchester with a residency culminating in the publication of An Un-Sound Experiment. As Co-Director of The Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books Lauren has produced events, performances and screenings including WE (Pil & Galia Kollectiv), Simon Bookish and Jennet Thomas, and in 2015 was featured in Modern History Vol.I, curated by Lynda Morris.

Lauren is also currently co-ordinating a six-person residency and commissioning project based around the work of Christopher Joseph Holme, an unknown Preston artist whose work she is custodian of.

Christopher Joseph Holme (1952 – 2010) was born in Preston, Lancashire, and studied Fine Art at Newcastle University, It was in his second year of study that Holme first became seriously ill, and was diagnosed with and treated for Schizophrenia, a disability that would go on to influence the course of the rest of his life.

My notes:

Successful woman with passion for community cohesion and curating; a skilled facilitator..  A writer more than an artist (imho)  although anything goes in the post modernist era I guess.  Impressed with Lauren’s smarts, very savvy.  Quite high brow but based in community.  A bit dry for me but kudos all the same.

Lauren Velvic. Artist, curator and artist. Liverpool, based at Bluecoat. Writes for a living. Online content. Islington mill art academy. Salford. Old textile mill turned to art space. Alternative art symposium, Liverpool. Who the fuck is Mario?

Talks super quick. Daniel fog arty on biennial with her.

Into the labyrinth. Sci if, poetry print editions and online,

Funding prefers virtual/digital content.

Publishing ambitions.

Successful Arts council bid. The exhibition centre for the life and use of books. Marcus Barnet. Artist led reading room with occasional publishing.

Anthony Burgess. Lord Horror. Banned books/censorship. Geek marketing.

Bristol driving school. Video Brass rubbing. John H Clarke.

Modern history. Linda Morris. Localism.

Aubred Beardsley illustrations. Cracked eggs.

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