Kim Seymour

Kim Seymour
MA student LJMU
Kim is a storyteller.  She was the only MA student to hold my interest or attention.  I am really struggling to focus (and stay awake during these lectures).  She set up a maze experience at St John’s Center and waited within it to be found or happened upon by unsuspecting viewers.  It is fun but with a hard edge, inviting people in but intentionally mismanaging their expectations to surprise them.  I often fixate on the different dynamics of group V individual, Public V private.   I had met Kim before in print studio.  Before creating her maze she in effect designed the installation using the Sims game with a simulation of herself inside.  This repetition of the task is intriguing,  virtual becoming actual,  this appeals to my interest in metaphysics.

I failed to make notes during this lecture but have stolen Imogen’s as they were thorough and she also attended the Q&A too.

Imogen’s notes:

St Johns. Built a big maze – maze structure in the Sims? Big wooden maze. Hair sculptures – collected loads over the years, hair saved her from art exam? Uses it in her own practice. Kim sim. Orange – white lighting, orange hue. Artificial and real – sat in a pink chair, hair the same. Sat at the end of the maze – audience sat down and she told a story. Façade – how our profile that we build for ourselves is different for reality/people’s internet personas. Story-telling is her platform, won Student Cotton award. Mexico/Equador/Columbia/New York.
Made a storybook – writing stories. Stories are not about digital/real façade. Bodily connotations. In that shouldn’t go in/off that shouldn’t come off. Influenced by South America – ritualism/spiritualism. That separation allows you to see things in a light that not a lot of people understand. South America – the day of the dead – spiritual belief. Capunchil – marigolds. When you bury the dead you sprinkle myrrh over them. The closest smell to that smell – the last smell you remember and you’re free. Gateway to come back to visit. Fictional collaborations – agenda/undertones of agenda. Gang-related agenda that religion is a gateway out of. The absence of performance.
Experiment with not being there in the performance, won’t probably be there for the show. Start thinking in advance about how she can achieve those mediums without being present. Story-telling and performance.
Two short chapters – short stories recorded. Performance/volunteers. Whispering in the volunteers’ ears and telling them what to do. Performance piece where people interacted with seeds in different ways.
After Lecture Talk:
Kim – Performance piece – completely fictional ritualism – how seriously people will take it. None of this has been shown, just stuff she’s making. Bits that worked and didn’t work. Other people doing it are meant to connect with the other people doing it. Mini marigold sculpture park. The point was nothing more than speaking to people behaving in a ritualistic manner, spiritualism is internal and meant to connect with others. Community groups but each person has a private connection with spiritualism. Dictated by someone who completely made it up – like all rituals/religion. Some people were taking too seriously. Everyone stayed in the corner – annoying. Unwilling performers won’t do what you want them to do.

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